Now in Dollar Tree Stores!!!

Finding Hudson Cream Flour is now easier for bakers in eastern Kansas and western Missouri! We're happy to announce that Hudson Cream flour will now be available in Price Chopper and Hen House stores in the Kansas City area, as well as Food 4 Less throughout Kansas and select Country Mart and Food Fair stores. If you or someone you know shops in these areas, spread the good word!


Stafford County Flour Mills began crafting flour over a century ago, the realizaiton of a German immigrant's dream to build his own mill.

We're located in Hudson, Kansas (pop. 125) and are now one of the last independent flour mills remaining in the U.S. While we've made a few improvements over the years, added a couple of flour bins and put in more roll stands, our purpose has stayed the same: produce the best quality flour possible at a fair price.

Hudson Cream flour is made using a "short patent" milling process, a method that was much more common a century ago than today. The difference is that in short patent milling the wheat is ground more times and sifted with finer-meshed sieves than in standard milling. Also, the short patent process sifts away more by-product, leaving only the heart of the wheat kernel to make Hudson Cream flour. The result is a flour that is smoother in texture and produces baked goods that are consistently light and fluffy. (If you would like to learn more about how wheat is grown and milled, visit the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers website.)

Our specialty is flour for the home baker. We're recognized by the distinctive cow logo, and we're often asked: how does a cow symbolize flour? In the early 1900s when the mill was built, many people owned their own cows for milking and it was commonly believed that the Jersey cow produced the best milk and cream. The mill's founder chose the Jersey cow and the word "cream" to symbolize the white richness, smooth texture, and high quality of the flour.

We take pride in being a company that actively supports the community: whether through sponsoring the local high school girl's volleyball team, being an active supporter of the county 4-H program, educating youth through the dozens of tours given of the mill each year, providing flour for various service organizations' pancake feeds, helping at the area health fair, or providing equipment for the volunteer fire department, we believe that a healthy community builds strong citizens.

Our community also extends beyond our own backyard. We're fortunate to have developed a loyal family of customers over the years and love to receive letters that tell us how we've been a part of their families.

One woman from West Virginia wrote 'After using Hudson Cream flour for all the years I have cooked, and can remember even my grandmother and mother using nothing else, I read for the first time read the 'absolute satisfaction guarantee'. I really had a good laugh! I thought, 'if those people in Kansas only knew the absolute satisfaction my family has enjoyed from their product'. The things we pass down in our family are good morals, good cooking, and Hudson Cream flour!'

"My sister-in-law comes to visit and when she leaves we pack suitcases, boxes, carry-alls with as many sacks of Hudson Cream flour as we can. Needless to say she gets some funny looks and questions as she boards the airplane!! She is an expert in Italian cooking and pasta making and says Hudson Cream is the finest quality for her cooking!"

Another told us about being a newlywed and moving to Tennessee with her husband from her home in Ohio. In her new hometown she could not find Hudson Cream flour in grocery stores. She wrote, "I told him if I'd known I couldn't get Hudson Cream I wouldn't have married him!" (We've arranged to supply flour in Tennessee!)

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